Premium Iranian Roasted Salted Pista-250g

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package Contains: Pack of 1 Roasted & Salted Inshell Pistachios – 250gm

  • RICH IN PROTEIN: Food Studio’s California pistachios are filled with vitamins, fibre, minerals, and unsaturated fat that helps keep blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol in check.
  • CRUNCHY AND FLAVOURFUL: Experience the satisfying crunch and explosion of flavor with every bite, making each snacking moment truly enjoyable. Crunchy and satisfying texture that makes them a great snack for any time of day.
  • RICH IN NUTRIENTS: Packed with an abundance of essential nutrients, these little powerhouses are a healthy snack option that you don’t want to miss.
  • HELP IN WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: These pistachios are a smart choice as they are low in calories, high in fiber, and help curb cravings. Snack guilt-free while reaching your weight management goals.
  • Commonly used in a variety of desserts, sweets and ice-creams.
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Weight 250 g